Exercise Belizian Adventure 18

RNRMSAA is sponsoring an expedition to Belize in Autumn 2018 for Sports Divers and above in order to develop skills and experience and develop a new generation of Sub-Aqua Diving Supervisors.  This Exped is already over-subscribed and is operating a Reserve List, but details of the Exped will appear here to show what you could be participating in in the future.

RNRMSAA Expedition Planning

Any Unit or individual wishing to bid for expedition slots should contact the RNRMSAA Exped Officer, Maj Lee Piper RM.

Exped leaders are to plan well in advance and early submission of paperwork to HMS TEMERAIRE for approval is essential to allow time for staffing clearances and funding applications to be approved.  An application to undertake a major exped iaw 2010DIN01-031 is to be forwarded to HMS TEMERAIRE.  Once approval is received a JSATFA is to be forwarded to HMS TEMERAIRE iaw BR51.  A confirmed nominal role can be submitted at a later date.  More information/advice is available from CPO PT AT on Mil:9380 22590 Civ:02392722590

Information packs and previous post exped reports are avilable from the Exped Officer.

Exped leaders should consult the following publications before planning their Exped:

[References are being updated, thank you for your patience]