Cyprus Joint Service Adventurous Training Centre

Sub Aqua Wing

CJSATC Sub Aqua Wing

Sub Aqua Diving courses are available free to all serving personnel. Priority will be given to island personnel, however, there is a high chance of being loaded onto Sports DIver courses and above if you are not on island.


To apply follow these simple instructions:


1. Click on the link

2. Under JS COURSES MENU (LHS) Click "Book a Course by centre"

3. Select CJSATC from the Drop Down Menu

4. Select the course you would like to do from the drop down menu and click "CONTINUE" (this will then give you a list of the courses and dates)

5.Select required course, and fill in the booking form

6.Dont forget to get provisional approval from your Line Manager. Click Submit. SIMPLES!

On course confirmation, RAF Trooping Flights are then booked through your Unit Movements Clerk. Flights leave RAF Brize Norton on a saturday and leave Akrotiri on a Sunday. This causes no more disruption to your place of work than attending a course in the UK.

For further information e-mail the Chief Instructor-Sgt Chris Unsworth at or Tel 94120 4867 / (00357) 2474 4867

(00357) 2474 4867      (00357) 99499737      (00357) 99499737      

For the Cyprus Joint Service Adventure Training Centre course clerk contact Jo on

extension 94120 4406 4406/ (00357) 2474 4406  (00357) 2474 4406      

Please note: Your parent Unit will be responsible for travel of students to and from CJSATC, all other administrative arrangements will be co-ordinated by CJSATC.

Incremental Staff

Do you have a month or more off essential duties?

 Would you like to work at the CJSATC Sub Aqua Wing ?

Are you a Sports Diver or above?

We are looking for qualified Sports Divers or above to come and work with us.  This will give you a chance to gain more experience and some more qualifications.

You will need to have permission from your line manager, an Leaflet 12-03 (Med Form) and BSAC Membership  Interested?  Contact the Chief Instructor.