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Mark Allen
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Dear all please be aware that this Forum has be put up so you can ask for any information that the RNRMSAA Committee can supply or help you with, so please ask.

To start with we have a Diving Doctor  Sally, so if you have any medical questions please ask and post and she will endeavour to answer them for you.


Mark Allen

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Sally Simmons (simmodoc)
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I often get requests for answers to diving questions (corridor consultations) which I am very happy to answer if I can. I reckon most of you are a bit shy to ask stuff on here, so I thought I'd introduce a couple of topics to get things started. Just to introduce myself and prove I'm qualified to answer your questions, here s a bit about me:

For those of you who don't know me, I started diving in 1974 in Guernsey, joined the QARNNS in 1978 and did my nurse training mainly at RNH Haslar. I joined HMS Dolphin SAC as it was in those days and did my SADS course in 1981 when it was tough. Really tough. I had to drink orange juice all week in case the boss caught us drinking beer...

After a 12 year stint in the Navy followed by 9 in QARANC, I went to the dark side in 2002 and became a doctor. I now work several days a week at DDRC Healthcare in Plymouth, as well as being an out of hours and locum GP in the Exeter area. I also teach diving medicine to doctors, paramedics, nurses and anyone else who'll listen. I am qualified to manage diving accidents remotely as well as at DDRC.

I am interested in all manner of diving medicine problems, but particularly in Ear, nose and throat (ENT) problems , in water  recompression in remote areas, expedition diving medicine and denial of DCI.

I am happy to answer any questions related to diving medicine but I am not your own GP, so if you've got a nasty little rash and you haven't been diving,I'm not interested!!

So come on - don't be shy now, I've seen it all before......


(also RNRMSAA Sec)


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